Super High School Level Himedere

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"I would never do anything to hurt you!"

This is why I like asami. She went through all this with mako and korra and she still is able to forgive that easily without another second be going Ape on mako and korra if I were her.

"It’s easy to do nothing but it’s even harder to forgive"
-avatar aang


HI FRIENDS!! Can you guys do me a HUGE favor?

I’m apart of a contest and would like some more votes on my Sailor Tiana cosplay (shown above). I know I wont win anything probably but I wanna see how many votes I can muster! :D

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thank you so much <3

Thanks to you all I managed to make it in the top 10 finalists for EZCosplay’s contest! Thank you so much for all the love and support! Maybe I can even make it to the top 3! Like/Share please <3



El Dorado: The Hip! The Hip!! by MomoKurumi

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g.u. × きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

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~*Happy Birthday Sailor Moon*~

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i felt really bad after lazily rushin thru a mediocre fef for the palette challenge SO I DREW ANOTHER ONE AS ATONEMENT SORRY ABOUT THAT ;~~;


quick mermaid for today’s sketch dailies theme.

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